An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 12): Holiday Firing & Collections

An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 12): Holiday Firing & Collections
Dealing With Firing and Collecting Money During the Holidays

By Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder / Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark

Yesterday was a very eventful day in my life. The day started out at 3:30 with my traditional “Monday Morning Head Start Day.” Over the years I have gotten into the ritualistic habit of starting every Monday at before 4:00 AM, so that I can start my week with considerable momentum. It seems as though by Friday I am always weighed down with crucial, yet tedious details. It seems like the website needs a crucial update, our YouTube Channels need an overhaul, the workflow has a critical error in it, there is a pile of forms I need to fill out and there is one rogue employee that needs to be dealt with. Sure enough last Friday lived up to my expectations. As I headed into the weekend I found myself swimming in a pile of tedious details. Thus, my “Monday Morning Head Start Day” was much needed.
 Yesterday we have several power meetings in a row with the various departments. I was able to put together a good training based on Pastor Willie George’s sermon on “Diligence.” The message essentially boiled down to the concept that God is not in the habit of blessing slackers. If you want to be blessed and to be successful you must sew your seeds diligently. When God brings on the rain, if you haven’t diligently planted your seeds, nothing can grow. I loved the message, and I think my delivery of it in the Monday Morning meeting was 10% as effective as Pastor George’s, but never-the-less I believe the message was still well received. After the meetings, I put on my “Collections” and “Rule Enforcer” hats. For some reason these hats always fit a little too tightly during the compassionate holiday season.
 I found myself dealing with a long-time employee who had decided that being chronically late and underperforming over the past 8 months was now his new habitual performance level. This guy has worked with us for over 5 years and has more talent that almost anyone I have ever met. He is a great guy, but he had just decided to check out mentally. I had talked with him. I had coached him. I had warned him. I had incentivized him. I had asked him questions. And then he showed up 1 hour late again on Friday, and thus I found myself needing to fire him. Brutal, I know. But that is the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur. Either we are firm with our employees or our customers are firm with us. Either we fire underperformers and reward achievers or the customers simply take their business elsewhere. It’s a tough call, but that’s just another Monday for an entrepreneur.
 As the day progressed I hopped into another “compassionate” meeting. This meeting was with a client of ours that owes our firm a significant amount of money. Do I collect and show compassion? Does he pay me and show compassion? Does compassion have anything to do with collections? I’m not sure, but we had the meeting and I believe he will be “compassionately” paying us today. After hurdling the firing, and the collections it was off to house to take 3 out of our 5 incredible kids to see the “Christmas Train.”

By Co-Founder / Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark
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