An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 3): Getting It Done


An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 3): Getting It Done 

Sharpening the Skills of Time Blocking, Delegating & Prioritizing 

By Co-Founder / Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark


    Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. I had a wonderful opportunity to host the University of Oklahoma Schusterman Centerholiday party, on Thursday my wife, my business partner and his wife had a great opportunity to attend the Maurice Kanbar Blue Angel Vodka Tulsa Premier Party, and then tonight I will be hosting the annual Kanbar Properties Holiday Party. These are all wonderful opportunities and I am blessed to have them, but yet there is still much, much more that must be done this weekend, and my family cannot suffer from neglect simply because I have much to do. Still to accomplish this weekend are the following: 

  • Securing a depost for a small scale rennovation for a commercial property that we are working on.
  • Lining out the punch list of the items that must be accomplished by the builder for the rennovation.
  • Purchasing furniture for 4 of our companies.
  • Updating the website for 6 businesses.
  • Updating the websites for the various business entities with links to the newest PR related announcements, news stories and articles links.
  • Recording the on-hold music for 7 of our entities.
  • Hashing out the agreement for our Marketing / Customer Service Company to handle all of the marketing and customer service related tasks for a well known national and very successful insurance company.
  • Finishing prepping for my upcoming speaking event with some great people down in Austin, Texas.
  • Working out twice with my workout partner.
  • Overseeing the painting of one of our new presentation offices.
  • Overhauling the pricing and employee compensation structure for one of our business entitites to help make us more competitive long-term.
  • And much, much more…


For those who don’t know me, they are always asking me, “how do you get it all done?” And, thus this morning as I am designing out my ideal Saturday, I thought it would be great to record the method and the overall strategy that I use to “get more done in each day.” Essentially to get things done, I only do three things and then I do those things over and over again, so without any further delay, here they are: 

1) Delegating – I basically write down everything that must be done. I don’t stop to think about who is going to do it, or whether I should do it or not, I simply write down what MUST BE DONE. Then once, the list is done I then sort it into groups so that the right person is working on the right job. In fact, their on some people that can actually handle almost any job, and their are some people that can’t start their car if you don’t get them step-by-step instructions. You see with delegation, the 3 key elements are really just the following: Make your “to-do-list.” Decide who is the right person for every job. Then RELENTLESSLY FOLLOWUP to make sure that everyone hits their deadlines. If they get offended that you followup, then that is their problem. 

2) Prioritizing – It is absolutely critical that you determine what must be done first. For me, I make sure that above all else we are making money. Without customers, transactions, and positive cash-flow everything else becomes completed worthless. Make sure that the prioritize the activies that keep customers, close deals and make money above all else. 

3) Time Blocking – You and I must block off time during our workday to get things done. In my role, I am constantly being asked questions. In fact I probably get interrupted 50 times per day or more. Who needs to be paid? What should we do with this customer? Somebody’s on the phone with a business opportunity? Our computer is not working etc…? Everyone who asks me a question means well, and love our entire team. However, I cannot be effective unless I am getting things done. Thus, I block off my time so that I get an undivided 4 HOURS to work on PROJECT A or an undivided 30 MINUTES to work on PROJECT B. Sometimes, I will get up at 4 in the morning to get started on a project just to make sure that I have uninterrupted time to do so. We just moved our call center and our executive offices this week, and I had to block off time to get that done or I would have never fully moved in. Thus, I made sure that I finished off the move at 5:00 AM when I knew no one else would come into the work environment to ask me questions or to break my train of thought. Imagine if golfers played golf while taking sales calls at random intervals. Imagine if professional baseball players were interrupted during the game and asked to help fix the copier. It would not work, and thus I recommend that you and I do what all successful people do, TIME BLOCK. 

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