An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 5): Faith & Business

An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 5): Faith & Business
What Role Does Faith Have In Business?

By Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder / Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark

 Today is a Saturday and after having just completed another rigorous PX90 (plus some) workout with my partner Allen (ex-marine “Mr. Intensity“), I just finished laying out the agenda for the day. As a serial entrepreneur, Saturdays are always tough / interesting for me. I love being home and I love my family, however working on the family of businesses is my passion, thus there is really no distinction between work and play for me. In fact, work is play. And play is work for me. Hilarious, disturbing?…probably both. However, with that being said, Saturdays allow me time to mentally marinate on self-improvement, family improvement and business improvement in a different and very beneficial way.
 During the week, I am so busy with getting things done and overcoming the various challenges that the average business day presents, that it is often tough to sit back and look at things from a fresh perspective. It is hard to mentally remove myself from the day battles sometimes enough to really get a broad perspective of the big picture. I compare the Saturday (off day perspective) to the perspective than an NFL announcer might have of  quarterback’s play from the perched up press box, versus the quarterback’s unique perspective while being on the field in the trenches and being chased by 300 pound men wanting to injure him.

 This morning the main idea that I have been reading about and focusing in on is this, “What is role of faith in business?” Truly, what role does having a firm belief in unseen things have in business. We all know that analogies. We don’t see the wind, yet we believe in it. We don’t see gravity, but we believe in it. We don’t know see sound waves being sent through the air in front of us, yet we all believe in an use phones daily. However, recently I have run into many entrepreneur’s who keep asking, “What if my idea does not work out? What if I fail, what will I fall back on?” In fact I have run into even more entrepreneur’s recently who have thought about going back to college to pursue an entrepreneurship degree so that their chances of failure will decrease. Now I respect these questions, and I respect the people that asked them because I know that they have come from a good place, but the fact remains, these questions are wrong, and the people asking them are way off base? As an entrepreneur you must have the “unyielding faith” that John D. Rockefeller spoke so much about. You must truly believe that Napoleon Hill was right when he said, “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.” You have to believe that Napoleon Hill was again correct when he wrote, “Behind every temporary setback their is a seed of an equivalent benefit.” You must believe, and you must have an unshakeable faith in yourself, in your purpose on this Earth and in your business to make it. That’s it. It’s really that simple.

 As  I reflect back on it, I can point to a time in all of my early businesses, where the the burden seemed too great. I can remember vividly looking at the numbers some month’s and drawing the logical conclusion that the businesses were not making money, yet emotionally, subconsciously and spiritually knowing that my businesses would make money soon. I can remember a specific time where my young wife and I decided to turn off the air conditioning in our home during the hot Oklahoma summers so that we could turn on the advertising. I can remember these moments because they were galvanizing moments. They were moments, where I had to truly make it happen. I had to truly state with my money, my actions, my time and my words that I believed our businesses would prosper. I had to refuse to lose. I had to work harder and harder to make the businesses work. These young entrepreneur’s who ask, “What will I fall back on?” They will fail, and I am 100% sure of it. Without faith in yourself, your place on the Earth and your business you will fail. You can never be beaten until you quit, thust you should never quit. Successful entrepreneurs will work 100 hours per week, literally getting up at 5:00 am and working until 10:00 pm everyday if they have to to make their ideas work. You have to eliminate your methods of retreat if you ever want to get ahead. To better articulate my belief that a business without faith is dead, I have included an excerpt from Napoleon Hill’s early writings. Read the information written below. After you read it ask yourself these three questions:

  • How does this information specifically apply to me?
  • I am willing to burn my bridges?
  • What can I do to burn my bridges today?

Careful analysis of 100’s of great men and women have shown they were compelled to
undergo great hardship and temporary defeat and failure such as you probably have never
known and never will know.

The test of a man is the fight he makes,
The grit that he daily shows;
The way he stands on his feet and takes
Fate’s numerous bumps and blows,
A coward can smile when there’s naught to fear,
When nothing his progress bars;
But it takes a man to stand up and cheer
While some other fellow stars.
It isn’t the victory, after all,
But the fight that a brother makes;
The man who, driven against the wall,
Still stands up erect and takes
The blows of fate with his head held high;
Bleeding and bruised, and pale,
Is the man who’ll win in the by and by,
For he isn’t afraid to fail.
It’s the bumps you get, and the jolts you get,
And the shocks that your courage stands,
The hours of sorrow and vain regret,
The prize that escapes your hands,
That test your mettle and prove your worth;
It isn’t the blows you deal,
But the blows you take on the good old earth,
That show if your stuff is real.

Caesar had long wished to conquer the British. He quietly sailed his soldier-laden ships to the British Island, unloaded his troops and supplies, then gave the order to burn all the ships. Calling his soldiers about him he said: “Now it is win or perish. We have no choice.” History shows that they won. Men usually do win when they make up their minds to do so.
Burn your bridges behind you and observe how well you work when you know that
you have no retreat.

By Co-Founder / Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark

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