An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 9): SEO & Trips To Dallas

An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 9): SEO & Trips To Dallas
Training Search Engine Optimization, PR and Marketing In Dallas

By Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder / Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark

 It’s December the 18th of 2010, and only 7 days until the much anticipated Christmas Holiday. Yesterday, I conducted a high-level SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) COURSE in Dallas, Texas with a medical technology company. This company is working on bridging the gap between insurance companies, oncologists and patients. Essentially the problem is this. In America today there are well over 150 known types of cancers out there. Each form of cancer has an appropriate treatment plan. Certain treatments are only good to treat certain types of cancers. If you are a doctor today, you now have to run multiple tests to make sure that you are diagnosing the patient properly and assigning them the correct treatment. As a doctor, you have to pull from your personal experience and knowledge when recommending a certain type of treatment for each cancer. If you make the wrong treatment recommendation you could kill your patient, or you could make them go through the horrific treatments multiple times. Mistreating people thus costs insurance companies millions of dollars per year and costs countless lives. How often are patients misdiagnosed? Approximately 32% of the time. In order to eliminate the human errors that are routinely being made by well-intending (yet human) doctors, this particular company has developled a web-based software that allows doctors to find the correct treatment 99% of the time. This software spits out of its recommendations based on case-studies and a computer system that is capable of recommending the treatment for patients. This technology is incredible and saves lives. However, if nobody knows about it, then it will not be used by insurance companies. If it is not used by the Chief Medical Officers at these various insurance companies lives will be lost, money will be wasted and the problem will not be fixed. So where does SEO (search engine optimization) come into play?
 My job yesterday was to help this company get its product in front of Chief Medical Officers in a consistent and credible way. If a CMO is searching on the internet for EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE, we want them to find this company. If the CMO is researching the name of this company, we want them to find credible articles validating our research and the our product. If the CMO is searching for ONCOLOGY, we want them to find us. We want the CMO to knnow about us, so that when our marketing team calls him to invite him to a seminar he will see the credibility and the validity of his life-saving technology. What is interesting about this whole situation is that just like with anything, if you can’t sell it, people won’t use it. Think about for a second. Here we have an unbelievable technology what actually will reduce the fatality rate for cancer patients and the outrageous costs associated with treating cancer, and yet the world will never know about it if we cannot sell it. In fact if you and I invented the actual cure for cancer, it would take some convincing just to get it front of the right people. Just like in book-writing, it is not the best book that wins the awards and is the most talked about, it is the best-selling book that wins that takes home the trophies. Remember when our mothers told us not to judge a book by its cover? Well apparently we all don’t. Here’s to quality websites, search engine optimization, aggressive sales teams, tenacious marketers and great products.

By Co-Founder / Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate & U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year – Clay Clark
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