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The Effects of Taxation on Real Estate

Taxation is an unavoidable part of life. For real estate investors, taxation is a very important variable. Property markets are extremely sensitive and highly influenced by tax policy, so it is important to understand some of the basics. For instance, real estate taxes fall into two categories: transfer taxes (% of sale) and property taxes (% of assessed value charged

What Investors Need To Know About 1031 Exchanges Fees

There are many expenses involved in the closing of a sale on real estate. There are the standard operating expenses, such as your agent’s commission and the recording of the deed, which siphon money out of your proceeds and appear on the closing statement, but there are also the various oddball expenses that arise during the proceedings, some common examples

What Exactly Is A Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is basically a short term loan — usually repaid in less than a year. The reason for a bridge loan, or bridging finance, is to cover the expenses of the borrower until a more long term loan or funding is secured. Bridge loans provide immediate cash flow for borrowers as payment for various abrupt financial obligations while

Cash-Flow for Retirement from Inflation adjusted investments

The answer; use, use and use. Use is the most important factor in terms of the property’s value. For your investment to be a success, you need to think of the building’s use for you as well as for your tenants. You need to also put yourself in the shoes of your customers, i.e. your tenants. To kick start things,

Know the Facts About Rental Properties

Do you own a property? Are you trying to figure out whether you should sell it for a profit or hold on to it and rent it out? By holding on to your property you can take advantage of tax breaks but before you make your decision to rent out your property you need to consider the downsides. Here are

The Credit Crunch – Looking Forward

The current financial situation in the UK not looking good with more and more being spent on credit cards, the credit crunch doesn’t look like it will be over away any time soon. For most people this is a big problem, but what if you own a small business? You can be most at risk of going bankrupt over the

Self-Directed IRAs: Determine a Real Estate Investment Strategy

Checkbook IRA accounts, also called self-directed IRA accounts, provide many options for account holders to increase their portfolio value through investing in real estate. As real estate investing is the number one way to make money in the U.S., it’s no wonder that many want to capitalize on this. But, for some, the more options that are presented, the more

Are You Tracking Your Advertising Investments?

Real estate agents may have more invested in the network neutrality debate than they think. In an industry heavily dependent on Internet access, even a slight change in the rules of access could cause most professionals to re-think their business models. Agents and brokers who don’t enjoy the pervasivity of the Internet could find themselves in favor of a tiered

Short Sale Investing

Unbelievable but true – more than two million citizens of the United States are facing foreclosure due to a missed payment or delay in repayment of there mortgages secured giants their property every year! The phenomenon of property foreclosure is escalating in the United States and more and consequently more people are selling off their homes at lower prices than

Commercial Loan Tips

If you are wondering to buy a property but short of finance is the hang-up for you, than don’t get upset because there is a plausible solution for it. That is: Commercial Real Estate Loans. Through such type of loan assistance, you can effortlessly procure property for a business purpose that too at a competitive interest rate. Chiefly, commercial real