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Day #1 – Christian Camping in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  A Tulsa Christian Camp Director’s Journal – By Hope Chitwood Today was the first day of the spring camp, and as always the first day is filled with excitment. The people working at the kids camp, love camping especially our ropes course (which just happens to be available for youth groups). As the camp director for Tulsa’s leading outdoor

Things To Consider For A Perfect Basement Wall System

Having a basement that is functional and useful not only adds value to your home but living space too. It is the perfect place to relax on weekends with friends. You can also have your children use a corner as play pen. The basement can be utilized in many ways. Practically everything you can think of. But before all the

Use the Power of the Wind

Wind-powered electricity has become a popular choice for homes that reside in rural areas. You may need to access electricity if you are buying Colorado land for sale. If you are thinking of installing a small wind turbine, it is best to learn all you can, considering costs vs. savings, rebates and tax advantages to see if they will be

What to Consider with Bathroom Remodeling Designs

Are you thinking of bathroom remodeling designs? Maybe it’s about time that you do. There may be a need to change the size and look of your bathroom. Remodeling is the only solution. There are however, some important points to remember when you decide to remodel. Keep these in mind to ensure a successful bathroom project. Budget Comes First Any

Is the Real Estate Market Dead?

Is the Real Estate Market Dead? A review of the Tulsa Real Estate Market. The Boom. The Crash and Now What? By Clay Clark – U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year & Marketing Director and Cofounder of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate Group. “The market stinks.” “The sky is falling.” “The U.S. is going too far in debt.”

Avoiding Rental Nightmares

I live in a college town in North Carolina where there is a shortage of on-campus housing and, therefore, a constant demand among students for off-campusrental housing. Among these students is a daughter of a friend of mine who attends the college and who had problems with an off-campus rental. We’ll call this young lady Nancy. Nancy and her father

The Good Guide to Great Renters

Given the way things are going with the US housing market, renting is going to be the most viable housing option for many. If you own an investment property that you want to hold onto to, you may be looking for tenants. And, of course, you’re not looking for just any tenants. Any and every landlord wants to find the

Condo Living – 8 Tips

Not everyone realizes the importance of respecting your neighbor, this is especially true if you live in a condo or an apartment. I have listed some tips to keep the peace, of course I have put my own spin on them. 1) Please put all your garbage in the appropriate disposal area, not on the floor, not in the hallway,

Affordable Living in Europe

A big travel to other places once in a while would not hurt our budget, but if work requires many trip or emergency conditions bring us to foreign places like Amsterdam, Spain, even France, our economic management skills must begin kicking in. You need to describe firsthand where you can save: flights, accommodations, local transportation, and much more. If it

Save on Your Home Mortgage

Youre already paying tens of thousands of dollars on a home; undoubtedly, you dont want to spend several additional thousands on closing costs, interest rates, and other hidden costs. Ways to save on your home mortgage arent immediately obvious, especially when you arent familiar with all the ways lenders tack costs into the total amount of the mortgage. Use these