An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 16) – The Power of Forward Thinking

An Entrepreneur’s Journal (Day 16) – The Power of Forward Thinking

By Clay Clark – Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Real Estate Group, Dallas Motivational Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur Clay Clark

This past week, I finished reading the inspiring autobiography / self-help book, “Who Owns the Ice House” by Clifton Taulbert. While reading this book, I was once again inspired by the power of forward thinking. The concept of “forward thinking” is based upon the belief that you and I should take actions today based upon how those actions will effect tomorrow. With nearly 70 people now working for the various companies today, I was shocked when I took the time stop and think about the common denominators of our top employees and partners. Essentially, all of our top people focus on “forward thinking” almost exclusively. It also seems as though, our least productive people seem focus on “backward thinking” nearly exclusively.

Forward thinkers, refrain from spending money today, because they are looking to invest tomorrow. Forward thinkers will go to bed at a decent time tonight, because they have a plan for tomorrow that requires their full attention, health and energy. Forward thinkers, don’t go to bars. Forward thinkers, don’t take shortcuts that will have negative long term side effects later. However, those that seem to be focused on “backward” thinking seem to fill nearly all of their conversations with discussions of what happened last night.

Backward thinkers don’t seem to ever have any money saved, because they are buying things they want right now with no thought about how spending today will limit their choices in the future. Backward thinkers seem to focus on eating poor foods, having dumb conversations, and spending all of the money that they earn immediately.

As I read “Who Owns the Ice House” I was reminded of many timeless truths because of the richness of the story and the skill of the writers. The story of Clifton Taulbert’s rise from humble beginnings living in the segregated south to his current status as a successful entrepreneur are POWERFUL. Who would have thought that this poor fatherless African American boy from Mississippi would grow up to be a much sought after speaker, business coach and entrepreneur? Who would have thought that this boy who was not able to attend the same quality of schools as his white peers because of ignorance and racism would grow up to someday lecture at the University of Harvard? Who would have thought that this boy who started out without a dime to his name would grow up to be rich? Clifton did. Clifton believed in himself and the power of forward thinking.

He decided to save what little money earned from his first job washing dishes. He decided to invest what little free time he had to study at night when he earned his first job as a door greet and glorified “go for” at a bank in St. Louis. He decided to use his down time while in the Air Force at the library. He chose not to go the bars. He chose not to get into drugs. He chose to focus on his future at all times. Clifton believed and still believes in the power of “forward thinking.” Because of his focus on the future, he had the self-discipline to achieve greatness.

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Marketing Director of Fears & Clark Tulsa Commercial Realty Group
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