What Makes Us Different?

Tulsa Commercial Real Estate – Now Proudly Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma

At Fears & Clark Realty Group we combine innovative vision & marketing concepts with experience and attention to detail to deliver results for your real estate. We are proven leaders in our field, and we are eager to deliver results for your real estate TODAY.

Our Winning 10 Point Marketing Game Plan Includes (but is not limited to):

1. Marketing Satisfaction Guarantee – At Fears and Clark Realty Group we want to guarantee your satisfaction and we are committed to keeping you informed about how the listing, marketing and showcasing of your property is going from the time of your initial listing all the way up until property sells. We will setup a weekly phone appointment time with you to give up updates about your property and the status of our marketing efforts.

2. The Award-Winning Fears and Clark Realty Team – Don’t get stuck with just an agent. When you decide to work with Fears and Clark Realty Group you will be hiring an entire team of web-optimizers, professional photographers, videographers, licensed realtors, social networkers, commercial real estate experts and award-winning marketers.

3. Automatic Deal Alert System – Did you know that the very best listings never make it into Home Magazines or the newspapers? They’re scooped up by buyers, investors or realtors with an inside track. Foreclosed properties, estates and all the hottest deals in the local real estate market go fast. And now with our new automated deal alert system, you will be the first to learn of these great values.

4. Interactive Video Tours of Your Property – Today, we all find ourselves living in a very visual world. Whether it be via YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK or SKYPE we now all want to see everything from the comfort of our home before we invest the time to drive out to see it first hand. And to meet this trend, the Fears and Clark Realty Group team has invested in HI-TECH, state of the art video, audio and editing equipment that allows us to market the favorable nuances of your property to prospective buyers.

5. Professional Photography of Your Property – If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then it might be safe to say that an amateur photo of your beautiful property might not be doing it justice to prospective buyers. We find that most people do not make the decision to buy based on an internet picture, description and listing. However, we have found that MANY PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOT TO CONSIDER A PROPERTY BASED ON POORLY TAKEN PHOTOS of a great property.

6. Professional, Passionate and Tenacious Real Estate Agents Representing You – At Fears and Clark Realty Group we are very aware of the stigma that exists to many about the real estate industry and about realtors in general. Unfortunately some realtors just get certified, slap a “Glamour Shot” of themselves on their business card and away they go after you agree to let them list your house. At Fears and Clark, we believe that we are your marketing partner who has been contracted to deliver results by shining a marketing spot-light on your property.

7. Social Media Marketing (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, etc…) – Selling Property is all about connecting buyers and sellers and social media is a great platform for doing this. With our innovative systematic approach to social media marketing you can rest assured that your property will be appearing on as many social media platforms as possible.

8. Traditional and Trusted MLS ListingsThe Multiple Listing Service is a proven system that works and at Fears and Clark we believe in utilizing this service as 10% of our marketing campaign to deliver results for your real estate.

9. Open House / Block Parties – Although your real estate is serious business to us, we do believe that everyone loves to have a little fun which is why we host our on-going “Meet Your New Neighbor Parties” and “Block Parties” to showcase our properties, our people and our winning team.

10. We Will Advertise Your Property Every Day Until It Sells – To put it frankly, we do not get paid until your property is sold and because of that we are committed to working tenaciously to market your property every day until it sells.